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About Dena

My Scotch-Irish heritage comes out in my love of nature, storytelling, dancing, eating potatoes, and my elfish spirit. With both parents as school teachers and musicians, I found the art of teaching and making music running through my blood. Throughout college I studied the creative arts while pursuing my degree in recreational therapy. Over two decades I have worked in my field of recreational therapy with all ages of folks and in a variety of settings including agencies for the homeless, hospitals, treatment facilities, schools, child care centers, and familiesí homes. Simultaneously, I have maintained a side business as an entertainer making music and spinning tales. In 1992 I began participating in The Dances of Universal Peace. This influence brought circle dances into my work with children and some adult classes. Since May of 2006 I have been certified as a yoga instructor and am thoroughly enjoying bringing this practice to people of all ages.

Here are some career highlights:

  • 20+ years of professional storytelling
  • 30 years as a singer/songwriter
  • 35 years working with children
  • B.S. degree from Arizona State University in Recreational Therapy
  • Trained 1000+ early childhood providers throughout AZ, NM and OR
  • Performed for over 40 different coffee houses, fairs, community centers, churches throughout AZ, CA, OR, and IN
  • Performed for over 25 schools and libraries in AZ and OR
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hours)

Personal Connections

I have been married for seventeen years to Rob Wilder, a compassionate and creative man who is multi-talented. Whether his fingertips touch a computer keyboard, a piece of wood or a human body, he is using his art to make a difference. He is a licensed construction contractor, graphic artist, wood sculpter and Jin Shin Jyutsu practioner. His website describes in detail all that he does:

Throughout my adult life I have been donating my hair to Locks of Love. My most recent cut of 14 inches was done by a wonderful hairstylist, Kira Pinski, who donated her talents to the cause. Here are links to her website and to Locks of Love:

Contact Information

Email: dena@denawilder.com
Phone: (503) 236-0854

Copyright 2006 Dena Wilder

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